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About Complete Technology Marketing

The team at Complete Technology Marketing is a collection of marketing and sales experts and leaders with 50 years of combined experience. We work throughout Berkshire and London, providing quality services at all times. Our team has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, and we’re sure that our work would be of benefit to you. We exist because we feel that we have something that we haven't been able to find in our years in sales and marketing. Call today to enquire further about our great range of services.

Why Choose Us?

Having worked for other marketing companies in the past, we have found was there is often a gap in what one wants to deliver and what is needed. There is also a huge difference in understanding what really needs to be communicated. We aim to change this, and our approach is to truly understand and listen to what it is you require. Our team works with you to develop a strategy, all aimed at delivering the results you’re striving for.

You’re at the centre of everything we do.


Communicating what you want is crucial to successful marketing. We work to understand what your audience responds to, and strive to deliver it in a way that speaks to them.


With over 50 years of go-to-market experience, working with everyone from start-ups to multi-billion dollar global organisations on a multitude of platforms, we have literally been there and got the t-shirt. In the past we’ve worked in more than 100 countries with a pipeline of more than $100 million.


What truly counts is delivering a product that is not only brilliant, but one that delivers you a return on your investment. It is within this frame of mind that we build our campaigns with you.


Knowing who you are speaking with is vital to success. It’s our job to bring these people to you, and our team goes above and beyond this. We work to identify who your audience is, how to entice them in, and why certain messages work. This is where our experience comes into play, as we work to bring you out on top.

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